An argument against arming teachers to stop school shootings

It is time to think about school shootings not as a problem of security, but also as a problem of education. Trump has long supported school districts having school resource officers SROs who An argument against arming teachers to stop school shootings city or county law enforcement officers assigned to work in schools.

How teachers understand the children and youth they teach has important educational consequences. How hard would it be to train teachers in a situation like that to be able to deal with these things. The study also finds only a tiny fraction of the intended victims of violent crime or property crime employ guns for self-defense.

He also supports properly organized and operated school police departments, which are in-house school district police officers that are trained, commissioned, and certified professional peace officers in school districts where state law allows districts to have such departments.

And that one thousand dollar course registration, again, completely waived for the first WallBuilders Live listeners to register. This way, teachers and administrators can decide on the best intervention to prevent future tragedies.

Reading stories of school shootings, one often finds moments in which the shooters claim that something inside, whether hatred or frustration, needed to find expression. His district places large signs in front of all its school buildings warning that armed teachers and employees are on the property.

As researchers, we have read the accounts of dozens of different school shootings, and we think educators, parents and others should begin to raise the following questions about schools. Trump, President of National School Safety and Security Services, in response to the national discussion on arming teachers and school staff, and armed volunteers in schools.

Will the school district build and operate its own firearms range. Many losses occurred because officers did not properly secure their firearms.

We need to be restricting the sales of guns, not increasing them. For instance, after the Jan. And then these teachers, look, they get paid through the summer, right. Trump took to Twitter to explain his reasoning for wanting to arm teachers.

As one reads about such shootings, one often senses a feeling of social anxiety and betrayal on the part of perpetrator. If self-insured, is the district able to handle potential lawsuit judgments against them for cases resulting from this practice.

Our special guest today, one of the great guys and Mighty Oaks Warriors. He says allowing teachers and school staff to be armed begs a number of questions: Who on school staff is qualified to provide such training, operate a firearms range, etc.

Arming Teachers To Protect Against School Shootings

Most importantly, what other options have we considered as school leaders. That preparedness in and of itself is a tremendous deterrent from this even happening. He added that school board members, superintendents, principals, teachers, school safety experts, and public safety officials he has talked with around the nation consistently do not believe that educators and school support staff should be armed.

Well, the people that have done the most training, and that do the most training probably, would probably be the best to speak to this. Students who are bullied or who are bullies themselves will quite naturally think of schools as places appropriate for violence.

While such practices have their place, as a society we should be aware that these practices change how teachers think of students: Concealed Carry Killers, an ongoing tally of non-self defense killings involving concealed handgun permit holders: Of course, society can think of students in different ways at different times.

Violence Policy Center Backgrounder: Arm Teachers? The Facts Argue Against It

Just imagine being able to attend a live class where you learn about the original intent of the Second Amendment, and the rest of the Constitution, while also getting world class training on how to defend yourself and your family with a handgun.

One of them is Texas. President Donald Trump has called for arming teachers as a way to stop school shootings. His comments came after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida on February Feb 26,  · We discuss whether or not arming teachers with guns is the best answer to stopping school shootings.

The question is more complex than it. ARM TEACHERS? THE FACTS ARGUE AGAINST IT Recent school shootings have prompted renewed debate regarding the idea of arming teachers or other school personnel to fend off attacks by armed intruders or even students.

Similar arguments were put Colorado. The arguments against arming teachers are multiple. The. When deadly school shootings like the one that took place on Valentine’s Day in Broward County, Florida occur, often they are followed by calls for more stringent security measures.

Feb 25,  · The Guardian: Trump Insists On Arming Teachers Despite Lack Of Evidence That It Would Stop Shootings -- "Facing opposition from the country’s largest teachers’ unions, school security guards.

Think about how this could apply to a school scenario: Some kids or teachers get into an argument. There’s a gun in the class.

An argument against arming teachers to stop school shootings
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The Debate Over Arming Teachers To Stop School Shootings | On Point